Ardeley Supports Earth Hour

Be a Hero. Join Earth Hour

In class we have been learning all about saving our planet and being ‘’Keen to be Green’’. Earth Hour is just one way we can help our planet so help us by joining in.  Earth Hour is one hour without electricity. You could play your part by using no electricity for one whole hour. This Saturday from 8:30 to 9:30 pm on the 29th March 2014 turn off all of your lights then you will also be doing your part to save our planet.

By Aimée A, Leanna and Elin


Here are some of the year 3 and 4 children’s suggestions for how to fill your time and help to save our planet.

Go outside and look at the stars, Toast marshmallows on a fire,  Invite a friend around,

Do homework, Play with pets, Have a lights out party, Play sleeping lions , Play charades,

Make up spooky stories, Play with toys, Tell a story, Go for a walk with a grown up,

Go outside and play with a torch, Play Murder in the Dark,  Play Monopoly,

Have a dark Easter Egg Hunt (this could take some time), Make a den, Play Hide and Seek


Make a TV from a cardboard box and act in it or make a puppet show, Walk the dog

Play Marco Polo (find someone when blindfolded- ask Matilda!) Make a sandwich,

Make animal homes, Tell jokes, Knitting, Make glow in the dark bracelets,

Play ‘Ít’ in the garden, Make a dinner that doesn’t need electricity and finally

Ride a bike in the dark (in a safe place)


Your challenge is to take a photograph of you and your family doing your part for Earth Hour. Then e-mail it to Mrs Minson or the school and we will post all your fun activities right here on our school blog! Can’t wait to see what you have been up to!


Welcome to Ardeley St Lawrence Church of England Primary School.

Ardeley St. Lawrence is a thriving, well resourced primary school in the village of Ardeley, three miles north of Walkern, near Stevenage. It has around 70 children on roll. The building, some of which dates from 1835, is in a rural setting with a garden and spacious playing field. We enjoy the status of being a Voluntary Aided Church of England School which operates in partnership with the Children, School and Families Service of Hertfordshire.

We have a lively and varied timetable with after-school clubs covering sports, crafts and languages and we are the currently holders of the Comet Sports Awards ‘School Of The Year’.

Your child will be welcomed into our school with the care, love and respect due to each unique individual. Our experienced and enthusiastic staff teach our pupils the importance of being truthful, courteous and kind, and to take responsibility for their actions. We are proud of their growth into confident, articulate and thoughtful young people.

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ardeley group pic geen team

Treasure Hunts and Code-Breaking in York.

We were very lucky that many of the sites we visited were well set up for school visits with special packs to help the children learn more about their surroundings.

Here are some examples of the activities we got up to. Click the pictures to enlarge them.







This is a map that shows the centre of York. We did an awful lot of walking. Only our suitcases got a taxi. We were on foot the whole time – apart from our boat trip up and down the River Ouse.

Click to enlarge

Our Youth Hostel is off the map, somewhere to the left of grid ref A2. We did York Museum (C3), York Minster (D2), The Chocolate Story (E3), The York Boat (C3), Clifford’s Tower (E5) and the Wall Walk (D6 to B5). Quite an impressive distance covered. If the children came home a little weary, that might have had something to do with it!

YORK EXCLUSIVE: BBC News reports from the scene of Ardeley packed lunch.

Obviously Ardeley School paying a visit to Clifford’s Tower in York was big news, so the BBC sent out a reporter to describe the scene. Unfortunately, we’d already left to do the Wall Walk before she arrived. But while she was there, she bumped into some other people who had some problem with where Richard III was going to be buried. But fundamentally, most people just wanted to see the actual step where all the Ardeley children had eaten their packed lunch.

packed lunch

Click to enlarge

Here’s the BBC reporting later from the scene. Click the picture to see the video:

If your child was on the trip, make sure they see this. They will DEFINITELY say, “Oh my goodness, that’s exactly where I had my cheese / chicken / ham /ploughman’s sandwich!”

Our Last Day in York :(

Sorry for the delay, but lack of sleep and walking more miles then the Grand old Duke’s 10000 men, has meant our last day report from York got a little lost in the post. Here are the final few pictures and write up about our wonderful experience.

Final morning at the YHA. All packed up and collecting lunch before heading out on our last day in York.

Time for a look around the Tower of Clifford.


We can see you! Looking down at our friends on the ground floor of the Tower.

What a beautiful view.

2014-03-12 11.21.22

Time for lunch.

Now time to find the Roman Wall and walk it.

At the end of the wall we found the train station, collected our bags and did our last bag shuffle up the stairs before heading home. All in all we had a wonderful time and hope you have enjoyed following our antics along the way.

Good bye from York.

Yelping Yelling Youths in Yorkshire.

Another day is ending with tired, chocolate and sweet filled, sun kissed and wind swept children who are ready for dinner and a long rest.

The morning started with blurry  eyes blinking at an early morning mist. Children gathered for a morning feast and just as we sat to enjoy our full English breakfast we were rudely interrupted by the surprising ring of a fire alarm. To everyone’s relief we all escaped in an orderly fashion to discover that a quick circuit of the YHA hostel which lead us back to the dining room where we could continued to consume  our lovely breakfast.  (Blog Paragraph completed by Georgia B., Aimée A. and Elin T.)

After a quick room inspection and collection of packed lunches we were on our way back to the city centre.

After a quick walk along the river and making good time too, we made it to the York Minster! Absolutely amazing!

First task of the day, complete a treasure hunt, find some gargoyles and break a code all within the walls of the cathedral.

With many wishing we had a little more time to spend, we dashed out of the Cathedral and headed to the river for boating and lunch.

Food washed down with some lovely site seeing, we arrived back at our starting point to start our walk up to the long awaited Chocolate Story! Excitement was high, and spirits were higher all waiting in anticipation of the best part of the day……….. eating chocolate!

We made it!

Once inside the real excitement started…. and some couldn’t help themselves!

Once inside Sebastian told us all about how York became the Chocolate City. We saw, tasted, smelled and drank some of the first chocolate recipes ever to be made in the country. Just like Harry Potter, we got to meet some moving portraits from the past. Many of the famous people who brought chocolate to our country (Mr Joseph Rowntree being one of them) told us how chocolate came to Britain.

After our magical storytelling experience we travelled back to our own time to learn how today’s chocolate is made. We saw and tasted fresh cocoa beans and Ben thought it just tasted like cocoa powder (funny that!). Once on the factory floor we were allowed to make our own chocolate lollies and were shown how to make yummy apricot cream fills. Check out our fun experience! (Blog Paragraph by Callum A., Leanna F., Harry H. and Benjamin B.)

Finally after spending more than a couple of hours learning all there is to know about the Yorkshire Confectionery industry we headed out to sample some of the towns famous sites, the shambles and shopping in an oldie world sweet store.

Finally to end the day in the most perfect way (not that we have not all had enough chocolate, sweets and food) it was ice cream for everyone!

Oh and for those who thought that the ice cream was not enough, there was also the good old fashioned gob-stopper!