Let the Races Begin!

Another year and yet another cross country and this year we have yet added to more magnificent results! Yet again Ardeley has proven that your children are nothing but the best! Their success was unbelievable and those of us there to cheer them on were bursting with pride!

Check out this years success!

Year 3 Warm Up, Race and Results!

Year 4 Race and Results!

Tour de Ardeley

The sun came out and so did all the bikes, children and lovely instructors ready to teach the Year 4 children how to handle their two wheeled vehicles as part of a Cycle Safety Training Program.

Having enjoyed the two day cycling experience the school was then taken over by yet more cycling with a final training day for all the Yr 4, 5 and 6 children. The children were given the opportunity to handle racing BMX bikes and put themselves through some fun races and speed cycling. Can you spot the next Sir Chris Hoy or Victoria Pendleton?

Year 4’s on the go!

Year 5 & 6, On your marks, Set, GO!



Let the Sponsored Walk of 2014 Begin.

Do you like these views???

Come Enjoy the Beautiful Views

Please come and enjoy them with our up and coming Ardeley Sponsored Walk on Friday 23rd May 2014.

Preparations are in hand for the traditional Ardeley School annual  Sponsored Walk.  Our lovely Mrs Colman has been planning a route to Walkern and back, approximately 6 miles. There are a few planned pick up points along the way, but as always we don’t expect to need them.  Every year we watch even the smallest legs make the distance.  The Head of Walkern School, Mr Hall, has agreed to allow us to use their school facilities for lunch and toileting so we won’t have to carry our packed lunches either.

For those of you who are new to this wonderful event, it is a fundraiser with benefits and sponsorship forms have been sent home for all to start fundraising.

This year our proceeds from the walk will be shared between the school and our link school in Kenya.  This year, with support from the FAS, we are planning to install an amazing, new wood and rope climbing frame on the field which we know the children will love.  This should be in place for the end of June and our share of the sponsor money will help towards this new facility.

Check out what we have planned for our sponsorship money.

Now this looks fun!

Now this looks fun!

 Check out what your sponsorship money can do for less fortunate children at Kivuria School in Kenya. These are pictures from Mrs Colman’s Art Day in August 2013


If you are able to come on the walk and help marshal a group please let Mrs Walsh know as soon as possible to help us to plan the groups.  Refreshments will be available before departure and a cup of tea on return.  The paths are, hopefully,  fairly nettle free and there are no stiles to cross, but we do go along the edges of fields in places which means that pushing buggies would be tricky and please remember that this is a school event so we have to say no dogs, sorry!

So lets get those sponsorship forms completed and get ready for what we be another wonderful Ardeley outing.

Mrs Colman is really pleased to be organising the walk once again.  Ardeley children are so full of determination – always up for a challenge and we are so sure this year will be no different.