A Great Start to the Year

Towards the end of last term our Early Years class read ‘The Scarecrow’s Wedding’ with Mrs Harvey. Inspired by this story, they teamed up with Mrs Jones and Ms Cordell and build not one, but two scarecrows, just like in the story. After a lot of hard work Betty O’Barley and her husband now stand proudly, if slightly crookedly, amongst our sunflowers.


Following our 2nd place last year Mrs Jones thought we should again enter the School’s Scarecrow competition run buy the Stevenage Garden and Allotments Society. The judges arrived last week……..hummed and hawed and scratched their chins……..looked closely……. and then invited us to the final ceremony held last Saturday at the Oval. This meant we must have come either first second or third.

Off we went, Mrs Jones, Miss Shears and me where we met Lacey and Rex and their mums. We waited eagerly until……..”First prize for the Scarecrow competition goes to ARDELEY ST LAWRENCE SCHOOL.” Rex and Lacey represented the school proudly as they went up to collect the certificate, a book voucher and a very impressive trophy which are now on display in our library.


A great start to our school year.


P.S. We were awarded 3rd prize for the tallest sunflowers in Stevenage, too.