Kissing It Better – 3

Yesterday we took ten of our KS2 children back to the Lister Hospital.  No, they were not ill, but they had, once again, been invited back to the hospital by the charity Kissing It Better who work hard to provide entertainment and something different for the patients during their stay.

Performing some of the traditional Christmas carols we are singing as part of our annual Nativity, along with one or two more modern seasonal songs, we entertained patients on the orthopaedic  ward as well as visitors passing through the foyer.

We feel it is essential that our children have the opportunity to ‘put something back’ into their community and to understand the needs and difficulties that others face and that we can all make a little difference to other people’s lives.

101_2542    101_2536

Djembe Drum Performance

IMG_0764    IMG_0757

To celebrate the last 10 music sessions during which KS2 have either started to learn or have further develped their skills on the djembe drum, we were delighted to hold a performance for parents to show off how accomplished the children have become.

Learning about rhythmn and tempo and the tricky skill of producing different sounds from the drum, the children all joined in both group and individual performances.  These were very well received by our large audience of parents who were also invited to take part in the call and response part of the performance.

IMG_0760            IMG_0759      IMG_0762      IMG_0761

We are able to provide our children with this fabulous opportunity to learn a different instrument due to the hard work and generous donations from our parents’ association – the FAS (Friends of Ardeley School)