Easter Bonnet Parade

On Thursday we held our Easter Bonnet Parade. Lots of beautiful bonnets, caps & hats were made by children from Nursery through to Year 6.

They were all were displayed in the hall, and judged by Curt (the foreman for our new building project).

He had some very difficult decisions to make!

Congratulations to all our winners, you worked really hard making your bonnets,caps or hats.


Three days in Shropshire

At the end of our journey north east, we finally arrived at Hawkstone Park Follies where we were met by Baz who unlocked the gates and showed us where we could leave our bags.  He  told us about safety in the park and then led us on our walk up to the high caves.

101_2758 101_2759  101_2761

On the way we climbed several sets of steps; some were made out of wood but others had been cut into the rocks over hundreds of years.  He told us lots of stories about the past and the park.  We walked up through the Cleft, hanging on to the chains and railings to help us up the steep bits.  We had to watch where we put our feet at every step.

101_2760  101_2767

When we reached the caves Baz showed us the seams of copper that had been mined years ago to create the caves.  He also took us into the spider cave which was well-named!

101_2769  101_2768

When we came back out into the light we could see for miles – all the way to Wales.

101_2770  101_2774

We travelled on to Wilderhope Manor where we were to spend the next two nights.  We unpacked, had dinner and, once we had done the emergency drill, gradually got ourselves ready for bed.  It had been a long day.

101_2815  101_2816  101_2817

The breakfasts were amazing and really set us up for the next day.  Cereals, bread, fruit, yoghurt, cheese, croissants,  bacon, sausages, scrambled egg, beans, tomatoes, fried bread, hash browns, juice  were all on offer.  No reason at all  to go hungry.

After breakfast we travelled the short journey to Blists Hill where we spent the day strolling around this amazingly well-preserved Victorian town.

101_2792  101_2779101_2784  101_2778101_2791  101_2788

We all went up the inclined plane and made rainbow candles in our workshop that we brought home at the end of the trip.  We visited the squatters’ cottage and the toll house, the mission church, the doctor’s house, the school, the chandlers, the foundry, the pub!, the carbolic-scented chemist (with the macabre dentist chair and bowl of extracted teeth) walked past the delicious-smelling fish and chip shop (shame we had a packed lunch in some ways) but most of us got something nice from the old-fashioned sweet shop where everything tasted a bit different from what we are used to today.

That evening we were entertained by all those who took part in the Talent Show – singing, dancing, a speed-stacking demonstration and comedy were some of the acts.

101_2796  101_2797  101_2800101_2798    101_2801  101_2802  101_2803  101_2807  101_2809  101_2814

On our last day we had to pack everything back into our suitcases – not an easy job returning everything to the right people – and get the coach loaded before we could go to Enginuity – our last stop before the journey home.

At Enginuity we took part in a Robots and Machines workshop, making and decorating our own jitterbug in small groups.  We loved doing this and everyone made a jitterbug that worked well.

101_2821  101_2829

101_2833  101_2822  101_2824  101_2825  101_2835  101_2832  101_2839

After lunch we had a good look around this amazing science and technology centre before getting back on the coach for the final journey back to Baldock where our families were waiting to collect us.  We all had a great time.


A Great Book Swap

101_2737    101_2739  101_2738  101_2735  101_2733  101_2734  101_2730  101_2728  101_2725  101_2724  101_2722  101_2721

As part of our celebrations around World Book Day we enjoyed what has become a regular feature in our school calendar –   our Great Book Swap.  Books were brought in, vouchers given out, and the children went, class at a time, to the hall to exchange their vouchers for new books to take home.  A great way of recycling books they have finished with but would recommend to others and of getting new books to read and enjoy.

A good way to support our focus on reading, Reading, READING every day!  Thank you for helping the children sort out books to bring in.