Cross Country

Thank you to all the parents who braved the weather forecast to come and cheer on the children as they ran around Edwinstree Middle School field.

All the children (although very tired) enjoyed themselves and many managed to beat their personal best from last year!

Mr Suckling was especially pleased that everyone remembered to sprint the final meters of of the course, which really made a difference.


In fact lots of our children managed to break into the top 20.

Year 2 boys – Alfie (15) and Finley (16). Year 2 girls – Eva (6). Year 3 girls – Lilybeth (13) and Loren (17). Year 4 boys – Ben (4), Joseph (8), Brandon (9) and Harrison (17).


Spring Lambs -what a treat!

Most years we travel across to Church Farm to feed the lambs.  This year was no exception and we had the best time ever as we helped mix up the feed, everyone got to feed at least two lambs and then we had lots of time just to play with them.

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The shepherds told us the names of each of the lambs and a bit about the history of every one.  Some were only 5 days old and some were as old as 5 weeks.  Most were born on Church Farm but some had come from elsewhere.  Four of the black lambs were quads whose mother was unable to produce any milk and so were being hand-reared with the rest.

The lambs were very active, leaping through the straw, jumping onto bales and nibbling everything – zips, paper, hair, sleeves; anything they could put in their mouths, really.  A very special experience……….and even when one of the lambs wee’d on someone’s coat this potential disaster was greeted with “forgive those who trespass against us.”  We just loved it!

Our Mini Marathon

Mrs Roskilly (Bertie Y2) has been pounding the pavements for weeks and weeks in training for the 26.2 mile London Marathon this Sunday. She is running to raise funds for the NSPCC and hopes to raise  an amazing £3000.  We thought it would be a great idea if we could do our bit to help her so on Friday, after lunch, everyone turned out to run laps of the school field.  Parents have sponsored the children (and staff) per lap and Mrs Roskilly came in to run alongside the children.


Everyone did at least 10 laps in 20 minutes and some did as many as 15 (also good training for our cross-country festival next week).  We are asking for the sponsor money to come into school as soon as possible so that we can present it to Mrs Roskilly.  We will let you know how she does but please watch out for her  if you have the Marathon on TV on Sunday morning and give her a cheer.  She will be wearing a green NSPCC vest.

KS1 outdoor area

We are in the process of transforming our outdoor area. We have painted walls, put up wall art, installed bird boxes, made a pond, painted wooden planters and filled them with soil, plants and interesting pieces of wood.


Children have made bug hotels and bird feeders. After the holidays we will begin planting seeds and growing our own vegetables. We now have some toad spawn in our pond and the children look forward to the arrival of the toads.

The children painted a selection of large stones – half are ladybirds and half bumble bees to use on our ‘noughts and crosses’ outdoor board. Pupils are also enjoying making shapes on the giant geo-board and weaving ribbons through the butterfly.

Maths Day

On Tuesday we held a ‘fun maths day’. The children took part in many different activities with their classes.

EYFS made salt dough and then used it to make numbers and shapes. They also did some pattern activities and made biscuits to sell to their parents for 10p each.

KS1 also made salt dough and used it to practice doubling and halving. With Mrs Dingley they played ‘cup Sudoku’ – it was challenging but fun! Children investigated the number of different ice-cream combinations they could make using 2 or 3 flavours of ice-cream. KS1 weighed and measured the ingredients to make cup cakes, they decorated their cakes to sell to parents.

KS2 measured how far they could jump and investigated the range and mode of their answers. They also played cup Sudoku on the playground. Others investigated: How much toothpaste actually is in a tube?  (The longest line was 4.2m) How long would this last my family? (Approximately 180 brushes worth in a 75ml tube). Pizzas were made and priced up individually (with a 50% profit margin), these were sold to the lucky parents.

We raised just under £30 which will be donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered and to all those who purchased goodies at the end of the day.


Art Day

Pupils worked hard and had great fun on Art Day creating work to display under our school canopy. The theme this year is space.


Take a look at neon astronauts floating among stars,rockets, UFOs, comets and aliens.

Can you spot hub caps, shampoo bottles and CDs all recycled into something new?