Almost Wimbledon!!

Our Key Stage 1 and 2 children have enjoyed some expert tennis coaching by Neil Roskilly during the first days of Wimbledon Fortnight.  Mr Roskilly is kindly giving up several of his lunchtimes to visit the school and lead the children is a very active and focused session of tennis.  Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed developing their skills in this sport and we are all looking forward to our special strawberries and cream event next Friday to which all parents are invited.  You will get the chance to see for yourself what the children have learnt and may even get chance to have a go yourself.

Our Reception class will have their turn next Thursday and we are indebted to Mrs Cleverly for the use of her court.

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Olympic Enrichment Day

On Wednesday the 29th June 2016, the children had the opportunity to be involved in an Olympic enrichment day aimed at promoting athletic events for the up coming 2016 Olympics in Rio.

All children, from Reception to Year 6, took part in this event run by Premier sport.

 Each session was a combination of events including, running races, throwing and jumping competitions. We also learnt the rules of handball.

After the event, the children were asked to give feedback on the experience. Here are some of their comments below;

“I enjoyed the whole day and my favourite event was the basketball throwing”

“I really liked the triple jump because I didn’t know anything about it also I was really good at it”

“I enjoyed the hurdle event and the handball”

“I liked the handball because it was different to the running and throwing events which we do at school”

“I think the weather held us back a bit but it was brilliant”

Inter school Olympics

Firstly, a big thank you to Millfield for hosting this years school Olympics. Thank you to all the parents and family members who came to support the children.

We were very luckily with the weather, with only a short down pour during one of the races. The children all did their best and said they enjoyed themselves quoting, “This was a nice way to end the week.”

In fact, some of the children enjoyed their events so much that they have asked if they can be part of our own sports day coming up in the next few weeks.

En garde!

On Wednesday the 15th June 2016, Dean Horsley came to Ardeley to give KS1 and 2 an opportunity to learn about fencing and master the basic skills of the sport.

All the children came away enthused with the sport and they all really enjoyed wearing all the safety equipment and poking each other with long swords.

A big thank you to Dean for the experience!

KS2 Dads’ Afternoon

Firstly, a big thank you for all the dads, brothers, family members and friends for turning up and supporting the children for our annual dads’ afternoon.

We started the afternoon with a mini demonstration, showing how a volcanic eruption occurs using diet coke and mentos (it was quite spectacular and very messy)!

The challenge of the afternoon was to design, create and mold a volcano using a plastic bottle, newspapers and lots and lots of glue!

However, the fun did not stop there!

After everyone had completed their volcanoes the Dads had a secret challenge to try. With the help of Brandon (our master speed-stacker), who showed everyone the different combinations of speed-stacking, the children practiced and competed against the adults. We ended the afternoon with a speed stacking race before joining KS1 and early years on the field.

Well done to all the KS2 children for destroying the adults. Dads, better luck next year!

Thank you again for everyone who helped, the volcanoes are looking amazing and will be coming home soon!

Dad’s Afternoon KS1

This afternoon was our traditional ‘Dad’s Afternoon’ – held on the Thursday before Father’s Day.


KS1 and their dads (uncles, granddads and family friends) spent the afternoon armed with saws, hammers, screwdrivers, nails, screws, pieces of wood, bark and twigs making an assortment of creations for our KS1 garden and other outside areas of the school. We now have some lovely new planters, bird boxes, fairy houses, pieces of art, hedgehog homes and models. The hardest decision is going to be deciding where to put all the brilliant creations.


After tidying up, we had a brief refreshment break, during which we enjoyed delicious chocolate brownies (made by Mr Giles – thank you). We ended the afternoon on the field playing with the play ground equipment.

We are so glad the weather was kind to us.

A huge thank you to all the dads who came.

Birthday Party for the Queen

On Friday 10th June the whole community of Ardeley St Lawrence Primary School came together to pay tribute to the occasion of the Queen’s 90th birthday.  Over 200 children, parents, staff, governors, volunteers and members of the local community joined together on the school field in glorious sunshine to celebrate together this once in a lifetime event.


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The party started with a prayer for the Queen led by Father Mike Leverton and everyone was most generous in providing goodies for the bring and share picnic.  A range of activities included a Royal Treasure Hunt, a Queen Quiz for grown-ups, a mown grass sculpture competition (as our groundsmen had efficiently mowed the daisies that had been destined for the daisy crowns).  The children also had to find people who had been born in each of the decades of the Queen’s life and, although the 1920’s proved difficult, we had people of all ages and were able to fill in every other decade with the name of someone who was at the party.

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The children had shown their creative sides by designing and making birthday cards for the Queen which were on display in the school hall and which have now been sent to Buckingham Palace.   These had been judged by Curt Adams who is the Site Manager of Newland Construction, the company that is working with us to build a brand new classroom specially designed for our Early Years children that will be completed in July and ‘open for business’ in September.

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Everyone had a wonderful afternoon which concluded with the singing of the National Anthem and the flying of kites decorated with the Union Flag.  It was humbling sight to see so many happy, running children along with helping parents and the sky filled with the flag of the nation.

A splendid afternoon that made us all proud of our school.

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