Tennis Tournament

Two boys and two girls from Years 3 and 4 travelled to Freman College to take part in the annual NE Herts Tennis Tournament.

Competing against five other local schools , each child played 5 matches, one against each school.  The first player to reach 10 points was the winner.  Now, tennis is not one of our strongest sporting disciplines here at Ardeley and, apart from Mr Roskilly’s excellent Tennis Club, we have not done a great deal beyond knocking a ball backwards and forwards in the playground.

Despite this, the team acquitted themselves very well and we amassed 103 points altogether.  Finlay was our star player winning three of his five matches and Seren, playing with her Dad’s lucky racquet, won one of her games.  Both Eve and Rubi had some very close matches and every one showed great sportsmanship and all were commended on the friendly nature of the competition.

Many congratulations to Jenyns First School who were the overall winners and thanks to the Freman Sports Leaders for umpiring.




Buntingford Cougars – Memorial Shield

On the 28th April, Ardeley football team travelled to Buntingford to take part in the Callum Eveleigh memorial shield football festival. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and all the children had a fantastic time!

A massive thank you to all the referees, who gave up their time to help make the event run smoothly. This event was not about finding an overall winner, the focus was on team work, developing sportsmanship and having fun. As a result, the scores were not officially recorded.

The children worked well as a team and never gave up, supporting each other on and off the pitch! Well done to Sandon, who were the winners of the Callum Eveleigh Shield.

Match 1

Ardeley vs Sandon A – The expressions on the children’s faces were priceless when they found out the first match was against Sandon, who in the Autumn term had won 8-1 and Bertie had lost a tooth. This time we thought it would be safer putting Bertie in goal! However during the warm up, Mr Roskilly and Mr Suckling did wonder if Bertie knew his role was to stop the ball going over the line with a save ratio of 1:10. Bertie must have been fooling everyone because once the whistle started he was like a brick wall, only conceding 1 goal.

Match 2

Ardeley vs Layston A – We thought Sandon were very good, but playing Layston A team was like watching Arsenal (the old days when they won the double, not like they are playing at the moment). Joseph volunteered to go in goal for the match and within seconds he was being bombarded with shot after shot after shot. I don’t know what he had for breakfast but he was like a child on a mission. Save after save after save, after post, after save, after cross bar and so on and so on. Watching the 10 minute match felt like a life time, but when the final whistle blew, Joseph remained undefeated and in my eyes (Mr S) left the field ‘a living legend!’

Match 3

Ardeley vs Millfield A – As soon as our match was over we had to transfer to another pitch for our third match in a row! This was a very even match, however their strikers had very quick reflexes in the box to tap in the ball after some amazing saves from the goalie.

Match 4

Ardeley vs Jenyns – Our final match of the day approached and Mr Roskilly (desperate to watch the final game) had to leave. As soon as he left, Bertie decided he would score the first goal of the day slotting the ball into the bottom right hand corner. With new found determination Ardeley surged forward and another goal was added by Harrison, who could have scored another one, but got confused between football and rugby. However, it would have been a lovely conversion if we had been playing rugby.

Overall, a massive thank you to the parents who came to watch and support the team. All the children received a medal for taking part and promoting the values of the festival.

Finally,  a massive well done to Joseph, who was named by the team as the player of the tournament by his peers!