Mr Jones made a beautiful bird feeding house and Mrs Jones made bird food from re-cycled ingredients. The children from the Gardening Club then used their own fingerprints in paint to create the images of  insects from the garden.

Mrs Dingley loved her gift, which was presented to her by Lacey and Owen, and will be able to watch the birds as they enjoy a nibble.

gardening club leaving.jpg


On Tuesday 18th July, all staff, pupils, governors and parents assembled at St. Lawrence Church, Ardeley for our annual Leavers’ Service.

It was a lovely service to celebrate the ‘moving on’ of Seth, George, Lilibeth and Eve to Middle School and also to celebrate the retirement of Mrs Dingley.

There was a fantastic dvd of all our leavers and books, kindly donated by FAS, were handed out to every pupil.

Everyone was then invited over to Ardeley Village Hall for a  lovely spread and refreshments, which had been donated by parents.

Mrs Dingley was really pleased with the gifts she was presented with that had been bought from the very generous donations sent in by parents.


leavers service 3leavers service 4leavers service 5

Shepreth for Year 3

Whilst Years 4 and 5 were having a very wet and challenging day at Fairlands, Year 3 met at Stevenage Station to catch the 9.42 train to Shepreth Wildlife Park.  As soon as we arrived we went to the Discovery Centre where we learnt all about habitats and how animals can be adapted to suit the environment in which they live.



Then we had a handling session.  Some of us discovered that we were bolder than we thought as we held and stroked some of the creatures and just about everyone braved the darkness of the bat cave (even if we were holding hands, at first) .  As we explored the park we were pleased that it wasn’t too hot and sunny because most of the animals were out and about.  The lemurs were very athletic, the maned wolf was quite beautiful, the cayman were absolutely still and the tiger was fast asleep.  We couldn’t spot the otters but did spy the red panda in the middle of his bamboo.



We had a great day out and going by train made a nice change.

Frantic Fairland’s Festivities!

The sky was cloudy, the water was cold and the children were higher than kites; perfect conditions for a trip to Fairlands Valley!

A massive thank you to all the members of staff who made this trip possible. It was a well earned treat after a long year of hard work!

The day was full of fun and laughter from start to finish. All the children tried every activity and in some cases conquered their fears and made it to the top of the wall and around the high ropes! Even Mr S managed to complete all the activities, although he was a little worried when his anchors for climbing the wall were two of the lightest children in the group!

It was great to see all the children cheering each other on and pushing themselves to complete each task. A special shout out to Brandon and Harrison (The Legends) as they completed every single challenge set on the high ropes from: walking backwards on the log, missing out beams, completing a 360 on the swing and even walking with their eyes shut (don’t panic they were strapped in and secure at all times)!

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After all the activities, the children were set the challenge to design and create their own raft. Both groups managed to build what looked like a viable raft. However… After a only a few seconds on the water it was quiet clear one group had succeeded and one group went to visit Davey Jone’s locker!





Changing Skyline

One man, his mate, some ropes and a very sharp chainsaw provided the entertainment for the whole school as we all turned out for half an hour to watch our skyline change.  The very tall conifer trees next door to the school have been in need of some drastic action for quite some time as one of the trees was dead and the others needed some serious lopping.

The children were amazed as the man with the saw made his way, rather rapidly, up the tree, chopping boughs and branches as he went.   Unaware that he had an audience until a great ‘OOOhhh’ went up from over 70 children as the largest fell with a loud thud, the tree man then waved from the very top.

Later in the day the trunk was sectioned and the dead tree taken down bit by bit.  It’s not every day you get the chance to see your skyline change.