Ardeley Vs Millfield

Thank you to all the parents who turned up to support Ardeley’s football team in their first match of the year.

Mr S had to swallow his fears and step up to referee the game (any volunteers for the next match would be greatly appreciated), thankfully all the children left the pitch in one piece. Even Bertie left the field with is wobbly tooth intact after loosing a tooth last year mid tackle!

For spectators it was a fantastic game to watch. After a rocky start the boys started to gel well as a team and got stronger and stronger as the match went on. A massive thank you to Nanny Spurs for helping with subbing the children on and off.

Both teams were very evenly matched and the score could have gone either way. Millfield scored first, shortly followed by a second (even after two incredible saves off the line by Jose). After half time Ardeley fought back and Santi managed to slip one past the goalie on the rebound. Jose could have made it 2-2 but was denied by the cross bar. In the dying seconds of the game Ardeley bombarded the Millfield goal with shot after shot but unfortunately it was cleared off the line in the nick of time. Final score, 2-1 to Millfield.

The team showed excellent sportsmanship and determination. Congratulations to Jose, who was voted man of the match by his peers.

Sports Crew 2017

This year the sports crew members were chosen because of their attitude, determination and passion for sporting/active activities.

Congratulations to our new sports crew members

Over the next few weeks, the children will be learning about their roles and responsibilities around the school as well as helping to organise and run sporting events.


Mr Hobbs and Mrs Lauezzari visited our school on Tuesday 19th September and gave a talk to children and adults about trees.

Everyone played a game where they had to tie a ribbon onto anything that was wood.

They sorted plastics, metal and wood into different buckets and it was explained how books are made from paper, which comes from wood.

The children were taught how to tell the age of a tree from the tree rings or by measuring round the base of the tree. They went to the local park and measured the oak tree and discovered that it was around 300 years old.

Biscuits made by Mrs Lauezzari, in the shape of an oak leaf, were given with a drink and enjoyed by all.

Trees donated by the Woodland Trust were planted behind the stage and we hope that they will make a good backdrop for many years to come.

We would like to thank Mr Hobbs, Mrs Lauezzari, Mrs Jones, Mrs Rao and Mrs Swindle for all their help.


School Olympics 2017

As the sun started to pierce through the clouds, the children were packed and ready to go but the coach was no where to be seen. However, this did not stop the children from organising their own game while they were waiting.


A massive thank you to Meridian school for hosting the event and for all the helpers who took part in organising and supporting the children. All the children had a great time competing in their individual/team sports.

Congratulations to our cheerleaders, who managed to bring home a gold medal. We had more medal success with our golfers, who managed to secure second place.

Over the course of the day, there were many sporting achievements worth noting! For example our BMX riders both managing to win and place in some of their races; one year 4 child smashing the ball into the top corner of the goal; another year 4 child running through to the try line but forgetting to to score the try and the hockey players learning a new skill of chipping the ball into air with control. Although one shot went a little too close to Mr S’s face!

Mr S was very proud of the tag rugby team, their determination to win the ball was inspirational. A special well done to two particular members newly named ‘The Weasel and ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ because of their speed and ability to weave between players.


After a wonderful day of competition, all the cheerleaders and dancers performed in front of all the schools in a final closing ceremony!

Fitter Future

On Thursday 14th September, Ardeley was visited by Fitter Future to share all the new and upcoming features on their website. In addition to inspiring the children to get up and get active with a whole school work out, KS1 and KS2 children took part in a healthy living workshop.

The children were surprised at how much energy is in different foods and how long it can take to burn through energy, for example it can take up to 40 mins of playing tennis to burn off one Mars bar!

It was great to see the children asking lots of questions and left the experience with a good understanding of the importance of maintaining a balanced diet in combination with an active life style. You don’t have to be sport to be active and healthy!

Fitter Future is free to use at home and all the children hopefully received their new user name and password on Friday.

Some of the features include:

New work out routines every 6 weeks.

Monthly challenges for the child and family to compete against.