Christmas Dinner Celebrations – 2017

Another amazing Christmas dinner, held in the village hall and cooked by Mrs J.Jones, our Catering Manager, thank you.

The children entered a fully decorated hall with festive music in the background. All staff and pupils were wearing their Christmas jumpers, hats and tiaras.

Please take a look at our wonderful photos:



Well done to everyone who contributed to this year’s schools games mark. A special thank you to the Herts School Partnership, who work tirelessly to run competitive events and festivals.


Congratulations to the sports crew for all their hard work and time they have dedicated to helping run and lead activities at break times and for being fantastic role models.

Here are a few words from the sports crew:

“We all worked hard and are really pleased we have managed to get gold again this year!”

“This year we are looking forward to trying to go further and get the platinum level.”


Bollywood Fever 2.0

K’z Dance Entertainment LTD was back bringing the awe and wonder of Diwali to Ardeley.

The children started of by recapping the dance they learnt last year before moving on top a new routine involving colourful sticks. Not only did they have to learn how to incorporate these props into their dance routine, they also had to learn to dance together in a circle format moving forwards and backwards and side to side in unison.

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All the children had a great time and are keen to learn more about Bollywood. As a result, K’s Dance Entertainment LTD will be coming back next academic year to teach the children about Holi (the festival of colour), which is celebrated every year.

Ardeley Vs Hormead

Our football team was back in action, this time against Hormead. Thank you to all the parents who turned up to support the children. A special thank you to Mr Sendall for refereeing the game.

The match got off to a flying start with action at both ends. The team worked well together but sometimes forgot to talk to each other, which had some interesting outcomes.

For example one child was dribbling towards the goal and was preparing to shoot before he was tackled by his own player and they both plummeted to the floor. However, afterwards they managed to develop this as the game progressed and they both managed to score a goal by the end of the match.

We were very lucky with the weather, until the final few minutes of the game, when the heavens opened and we all got drenched!

The final score was Ardeley 7, Hormead 1.

Paralympic/Olympic Roadshow

Every Ardeley child was able to have the wonderful opportunity to take part in some Paralympic sports ranging from wheelchair basketball, handball, boccia and sitting volleyball.

The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The children were focused and determined to succeed and take part in sports that many of them had not heard of before.

This unique experience even included a picture with the Paralympic torch!

UKS2 Tag Rugby

Firstly, a massive thank you to Mrs Streatfield and Mr Pryke for helping to transport the children to the tag rugby event at Royston Heath.

Well done to all the leaders, who refereed and organised the event, it was a wonderful afternoon of sport.

The children were split into two groups to compete in a series of matches against other schools. Each match was not scored, each pitch had an overall pitch winner based on the team to show the best School Games values. The values include; honesty, determination, passion, self-belief, teamwork and respect.

The children had a fantastic time and poured their heart and sole into each match lead by their team captains. It was great to see the children applying the skills they have been learning into a competitive scenario. For example one child remember even after they are tagged they can take one step to score a try!

Congratulations to everyone in the Ardeley 1 team for being named pitch champions!

The Saracens are coming to Ardeley!

Maths and PE are intricately entwined within sport for example recording times to the nearest millisecond in a 100m sprint or measuring the length of a discuss throw.

As a result, the Saracens Sport Foundation have received funding to go into schools and promote maths and PE. We have been lucky enough to reap the benefits of this scheme and after half term members of the foundation will be coming to Ardeley to lead KS2 in a series of maths and PE lessons.

Session overview

Monday 30th Oct – Adding and subtraction

Monday 6th Nov – Polygons

Monday 13th Nov – Tables and charts

Monday 20th Nov – Weight and capacity

Monday 27th Nov – Times tables


Interview With Paralympians!

After a wonderful day of paralympic events (blog to follow shortly once we have waded through the 1000s of photos taken), the sports crew had the unique opportunity to interview each athlete.


They worked together to design their own questions to ask the athletes before splitting into three groups to conduct their interview.

Here is what they found out;


Gobi was born with Spina Bifida in Singapore. His parents made an early decision to move to England in the hope of receiving better healthcare. This decision laid the early foundations of magnificent sporting career. Gobi is a seasoned badminton player, the children were amazed at his many successes including being a runner up in the world championships; being captain of the English squad and two time European champion.


Martina enjoys going into schools to help teach other people. She likes to compete in the 400m and long jump. She trains hard all year round training 6 times a week. All her hard work has contributed to 9 world championships! Martina is a heptathlete, which means she competes in seven different sports. However, she started her sporting career playing football but when her sister took her to the Olympics she was inspired to take part in the games. Martina was born 3 months prematurely but has overcome every obstacle in her way. To achieve so much for her age is incredible and we wish her all the best for the future!


Micheal goes into schools every month and he enjoys giving the children an opportunity to experience different sports. He used to be a football, until he was injured from a bad tackle resulting in his tibula and fibula breaking. Unfortunately, during an operation to try and mend his leg, a drill clipped his nerve and left his leg paralyzed from the knee down. This didn’t deter him and he started trying a range of sports but found a natural ability in discuss throwing. In fact, he recently competed in his first international competition and manage to win the bronze medal as well as two silver medals in the English championships!

Bear Grylls Survival Race!

Well done to Dylan for completing the Bear Grylls challenge at Trent Park on Saturday 30th September!

Dylan entered the competition at the last minute to help raise awareness of alzheimers. He was part of 101 children in his age group and managed to finish the event in 4th place!

He finished the 2.5km course in an impressive time of 20minutes after having to walk through water, crawl under nets, climb through tyres, scale walls and event EAT a mealwork. Apparently Dylan said, “It tasted like sand!”

In fact he enjoyed the day so much he has already decided he will enter the event next year. If anyone else is interested in joining, this is an annual event hosted at Trent Park.